Let's make composting fun and easy.

The growth of environmentalism has led progressive cities to introduce curbside compost pickup allowing homeowners, renters, and business owners to easily compost their organic waste. However, in cities like Saint Paul, Minnesota citizens and government officials calling for this service are met with financial or political roadblocks. Food Chain offers an alternative to a municipal service by crowdsourcing the labor required to pick up compost curbside compost pickup, sidestepping the need for buy-in from the city and its government. 
Food Chain's cooperative model is driven by a mobile app that allows users to let the system know when their bin is full and waiting at the curb. It then calculates efficient routes for voluntary drivers to pickup the other members' compost and drop it at the municipal organics drop site.
The brand needs to be fun and exciting so homeowners, families, kids, schools, landlords, business owners, and politicians will want to participate. A vibrant, earthy color palette is presented in hand drawn mark, and a collection of blobs and splatters bring to mind the compost we're so excited about. It shouldn't be so gross that it turns anyone off but should definitely feel alive.

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