Dimensional Energy's technology converts carbon dioxide into viable fuels using only the energy of the sun. They rely on a nano-catalyst to trigger a photochemical reaction that infuses the waste of our modern economy with new life. The company is itself a catalyst for a circular carbon economy and a sustainable future for the aviation industry and more.
I've been working with Dimensional Energy longer than any other client. I'd say we've grown up together. Jason first approached me needing some powerpoint decks built for his early stage investor pitches. As time went on we worked together on dozens of pitch decks, promotional and explanation animations, three major overhauls of the website, flyers, stickers, signage, and more!
Our most recent pitch deck included this polished set of graphs, charts, and illustrations.
Dimensional Energy has required a great assortment of print materials including business cards, letterhead, executive summaries, flyers, signs, and truck-sized stickers.
I learned Google Sketch to build these 3D models of these arrays Dimensional Energy's engineers designed. I used Photoshop to give them some context. Although the design for the arrays themselves have since changed, this was a fun chance to learn some new skills.
Our most recent version of the website was a collaboration between their new Director of Marketing and I to write the copy and design the layout. We then hired an illustrator to create a new set of images and icons. This made the final build fairly smooth except for a few added Javascript animation features.